cropped-cropped-dokument-1-seite0015.jpgFor the Iranian Revolution!

Down with the capitalist Mullah dictatorship! Down with Imperialism! For a working class revolution in Iran!


Action Platform for Iran by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), February 2017,




  1. Iran is a capitalist semi-colonial country. It is ruled by a bourgeois class which utilizes the huge state-capitalist sector (about 60% of the economy) to enrich themselves and to finance the huge repressive state apparatus which they need to control their own people. Iran is a semi-colony. This means that, while formally independent, it is in fact strongly dependent economically on the world market dominated by the imperialist multinational corporations and is subordinated in world politics to the imperialist Great Powers: the US, EU, China, Russia, and Japan. It is particularly dependent on its income from oil exports which make up 24% of its entire annual economic output (GDP) and 88% of its total exports. Like other semi-colonies, Iran suffers super-exploitation by the imperialist monopolies – in particular by being forced to sell its oil exports at a lower price. While Iran is attempting to become a regional power, it in particular needs to remain subordinate to the rising imperialist powers, China and Russia. Iran increasingly acts as a policeman of imperialism in the region, as its interventions in Syria and Iraq against the rebellious masses demonstrate very clearly.


  1. Iran is ruled today by a reactionary bourgeois-Islamist regime currently led by Chamene’i and Rohani. This regime oversees and enforces the systematic exploitation of the working class and suppresses any form of independent trade unions. It oppresses the numerous national minorities like the Azerbaijanis, Lurs, Kurds, Ahwazi Arabs, Balochs and others, and it suppresses women and youth. This reactionary regime came to power after the betrayal and misleading of the heroic revolution of the workers and youth in 1979 by Banisadr as well as by the leaderships of Tudeh, the People’s Mujahedin and the Fedaian.


  1. The exploitation and oppression of the working class, the poor peasants, the national minorities, the women and youth can only be abolished by a successful socialist revolution. Such a revolution must not be merely a coup d’état, but a mass armed uprising of the workers and the popular masses to overthrow the dictatorship. The goal of the revolution must be the establishment of a workers’ and peasant republic. In such a republic, the working class and popular masses will rule via direct-democratic councils – Shoras – based in the enterprises, neighborhoods and villages. The economy will no longer serve the capitalists, but will be publicly owned, controlled by the working people and planned in the people’s interest. It will radically solve the democratic question, by consistently giving democratic rights to all oppressed people of Iran and combining this with the establishment of social justice, a precondition for real democracy that serves the oppressed.


  1. Although the Rohani government poses itself as more liberal, this is mostly an illusion to lure the Iranian masses as well as to nurture better connections with western imperialism and to open the country to western tourism. The working class and the oppressed detest the reactionary Mullah regime. Despite fierce repression, we have seen in the recent years numerous struggles like the bus-driver strike in Teheran, the mass protests after the 2009 Iranian presidential election (the “Green Movement”), the continued national liberation struggle of the Kurdish people, etc. Revolutionary Socialists support these mass protests against the regime. We fight inside these movements side by side with our brothers and sisters. We struggle inside such movements against the dangerous influence of bourgeois leaders like Mousavi, Rafsanjani and Khatami. The workers’ and democratic movement must not serve the interests of any faction of the ruling class. It must fight for its own democratic, anti-imperialist and social goals by establishing action committees of the masses to take up the lead in the struggle. Revolutionary Socialists call for support of the international workers’ movement for the progressive activists in Iran.


  1. Revolutionary Socialists in Iran and around the world oppose all forms of imperialist pressure and extortion. Iran is victim of the imperialists’ greed since its proven oil and gas reserves constitute respectively 10% and 15% of world’s known total. We oppose all forms of imperialist sanctions against Iran. We condemn the regular military threats of the US and Israel against Iran, as we witnessed with the latest intimidations by Donald Trump. In the vent of an imperialist attack against Iran, we call for the defense of Iran and the defeat of the imperialist powers. We call for international mass mobilizations against any such imperialist aggression.


  1. We stand for international solidarity with the heroic national liberation struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionist Apartheid state of Israel. We call for the smashing of Israel, the right of return for the millions of Palestinian refugees and the creation of a single workers’ and peasant republic in the whole of Palestine, with minority rights for the Jewish population. We support the popular revolution in Syria against the reactionary Assad dictatorship. We sharply condemn the massive support for Assad by the regime of Mullahs in Teheran and the Russian-Iranian military intervention as well as the Western intervention. The Iranian workers and oppressed must demonstrate that they have nothing in common with the Iranian government. We also condemn Iran’s support for the sectarian and pro-imperialist Iraqi government in Bagdad as well as Iran’s intervention in Iraq. We are in solidarity with the anti-imperialist liberation struggle of all oppressed people – whether this be the Afghani struggle against the NATO occupation, the US presence in Pakistan, the French occupation in Mali, the struggle of the Chechnya people against Russian occupation, or the struggle of the Uyghurs against Chinese occupation. What we need is an independent revolutionary struggle against all great powers and oppressors!


  1. The struggle for liberation within Iran, as well as internationally, can only be won if we build a revolutionary socialist party nationally and internationally. Only such a party can give the necessary leadership for those struggles. Only such a party can transmit the socialist program to the masses. It is therefore the central task of all consistent revolutionary forces to focus on building such a party. The RCIT urges all revolutionaries, especially in Iran, to fight together for the founding of such a party.


Specifically, what we are fighting for in Iran, as elsewhere, is expressed in the following slogans:


* No to the privatization of public enterprises! No to price liberalizations and cuts in food subsidies!


* Expropriate the rich and use their wealth for social programs and a public employment program!


* For the right to set up independent trade unions!


* Free all political prisoners!


* Self determination for the national minorities in Iran, including the right to secede!


* Liberate women from all religious restrictions, dress codes, and male tutelage. Stop state interference in the sexual life of the people!


* Build Shoras and self-defense units to fight against the regime!


* Down with the reactionary bourgeois-Islamist regime of Chamene’i and Rohani!


* Down with Iran’s role as a regional policeman for imperialist powers (like Russia and China)!


* For a revolutionary constituent assembly!


* For a workers’ and peasants’ government!


* For international working class solidarity with the Iranian workers’ and democratic movements!


* No to imperialist sanctions and war against Iran!


* For a socialist federation of the Middle East!


* For the founding of a revolutionary workers’ party, as part of a revolutionary, Fifth Workers International!




Workers and Oppressed, Unite!




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cropped-dokument-1-seite0015.jpgPublic Prosecution Department in Vienna Stops Investigation against Michael Pröbsting

Austria: A Small but Important Victory for the Solidarity with the Palestinian Liberation Struggle

Report by the RKOB (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 09.02.2017,


The public prosecution department in Vienna informed us that it has closed the investigation against Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT and a leading member of its Austrian section. As we reported, the Austrian State attempted to prosecute comrade Pröbsting for his pro-Palestine and Anti-Zionist views. In April 2016 he was summoned to the Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism (the political police in Austria) to answer charges of “sedition” and “inciting criminal action” (paragraph 282 of the Austrian Criminal Code). Later the public prosecution department in Vienna investigated the case. The background of these accusations was a speech which comrade Pröbsting hold at a demonstration and in which he expressed his support for the Palestinian liberation struggle. If a trial would have been opened and if comrade Pröbsting would have been convicted, he could have faced up to one year in prison. (1)

Naturally, we welcome the decision to close the case and thank all supporters both in Austria as well as internationally for their solidarity! (2)

However, it would be naïve to imagine that this would be the end of the witch-hunt against the Austrian section of the RCIT and other pro-Palestinian activists. There have been already a number of attacks on us in the past and, as we reported a few days ago, the extreme right-wing Freiheitliche Party – which is currently leading the polls – has recently put forward an official inquiry in the Austrian parliament. In this inquiry, they accuse the Austrian section of the RCIT as well as the leading organization of the Egypt migrants of “Left-Wing Extremism”, “Antisemitism” and “Radical Islamism”. As a consequence, they ask the Federal Ministry of the Interior to officially investigate the two organizations. (3)

We therefore call upon all friends of the Palestinian Liberation Struggle, and all who defend democratic rights, to join our solidarity campaign, to sign our statement of protest and to send it to the Austrian parliament and the Ministry of the Interior. (4)



(1) For more information see: RCIT: Stop Judicial Prosecution for Solidarity with Palestine!

(2) The List of Signatories can be viewed here:

(3) For more information see: RKOB: Austria: Right-Wing Party Opens Parliamentary Inquiry against the RCIT Section. Biggest Opposition Party smears the Trotskyists for alleged “Left-Wing Extremism”, “Antisemitism” and “Radical Islamism” and asks the Federal Ministry of the Interior to officially investigate them, 29.01.2017, See also RKOB: Austria: Press Conference on the Right-Wing Campaign against the Austrian Section of the RCIT and the Egyptian Community, 2 February 2017,

(4) Sign the Call for Solidarity here: RKOB: Stop Prosecution for Solidarity with Palestine and for Opposition against the Military Dictatorship in Egypt!

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cropped-cropped-dokument-1-seite0015.jpgOnce Again – the True Face of the Zionist State is Exposed, but is this Fascism?

By Yossi Schwartz (Member of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency [RCIT] and Central-Israel Branch of Balad), 1 February 2017,




If in our previous article, on the cold blooded murder of Yacoub Abu al-Qiyan in Um al Hiran, we thought that the police murdered this teacher, by now it has been confirmed that he was driving his car slowly and cautiously until bursts of gunfire were fired by the police. He was injured in his knee and his chest and lost control over the car. After the shooting the car accelerated down the steep slope and hit the police. He bled to death while the police prevented any medical care.


Thus, this case is even worse than the one of Elor Azaria who murdered Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif, 21, in cold blood and as he lay overpowered on the ground, after he tried to stab some Israeli soldiers in Hebron. The case was filmed by activists from the Israeli B’Tselem human rights group. Azaria was found guilty of manslaughter by the military court and he is likely to receive three to five years instead of twenty reserved for Arabs who kill Jews. However, calls by leaders from both left and right wing of the Zionist spectrum to pardon Azaria, might mean that he would be released altogether.


This lack of any moral compass, political or any other, this brutal disregard of basic rights, this profoundness of racial hatred, of institutionalized racial hierarchy of discrimination, leads Palestinians as well as many other supporters of democracy and social justice in the world to use the term Fascist, when they refer to the Israeli state or regime. While we have deep sympathy for those who use this term, we see it as both inaccurate and disorienting.


What is Fascism?


Liberals and even some people who consider themselves Marxists, have developed a habit of using the word fascist very loosely. They use it as an epithet and political swearword against right-wing figures whom they particularly despise, or against reactionaries in general. The liberals describe fascism as a dictatorship, mass neurosis, anti-Semitism, unscrupulous propaganda, the hypnotic effect of a mad-genius orator on the masses. As a matter of fact the same description is used by the Social Democrats, the Stalinists and the former Stalinists who had a lot of influence in the 1930s.


Fascism is not simply the use of brutal force by nationalists and racists. It is a specific phenomenon that should be understood scientifically in order to know how to fight it and destroy it. Fascism in power has the capacity to atomize the labor movement. Something no other repressive regime can do. We can see the difference in Egypt under Sisi . It is a cruel, reactionary dictatorship, that serves the imperialists and Israel, yet this is not a fascist regime, as it is unable to atomize the working class movement.


Italian and German Fascism


It is necessary to study the Italian and German fascism in order to understand what is fascism and how to fight it.


Benito Mussolini came to power in 1922. It was a revolutionary period. The bourgeois dictatorship, using their parliamentary method, no longer could hold society in a state of equilibrium as it could not provide the minimum necessities of life. The sharp class struggle was openly on the rise.  The working class was ready to carry out a socialist revolution and a spontaneous movement occupied factories in 1920.


What was missing was a revolutionary leadership of the working class to take power. However, the leaders of the Social Democrats were afraid of losing their privileges, the crumbs thrown to them by the imperialists from the robbery of the colonies, so they blocked the revolution. The fascists mobilized the masses of the crazed petty bourgeoisie and the bands of the lumpen-proletariat whom finance capital itself led to despair and frenzy against the organized working class.


They began their terror in Bologna, on November 21, 1920. The social-democratic councilmen, victorious in the municipal elections, came out from city hall to present the new mayor, the fascist opened fire killing 10 wounding and 100. The fascists continued with the killing in the countryside. The Black shirts in vehicles supplied by big landowners, took over villages, beating and killing leftist peasants and labor leaders, wrecking radical headquarters, and terrorizing the populace. Then after they did the same in the big cities. Instead of organizing the working class to defend itself and smash the fascists, the social democrats did their best to prevent the workers from defending themselves telling them to rely on the capitalist state and the king to defend them. This opened the road for Mussolini, who marched on Rome.


In Germany the working class was ready to carry out socialist revolutions in 1918-1919 in 1921 and in 1923. The betrayal of the leaders of the Social Democrats and the mistakes of the German Communist party under the directions of Zinoviev, who was afraid of the revolution already in 1917, led to defeat. Following the defeat Hitler tried to organize a coup d’etat but failed, because most of the capitalist class was not ready to support him in such a situation when it did not fear an immediate revolution.


During the economic crisis that began in 1929 the Stalinist bureaucratic ultra-left policy of branding everyone else as fascists, proved unable to forge a united front with the Social Democrats, whom they called Social Fascist, against the German fascist movement. This allowed Hitler to take power in 1933. Once in power the Nazi party, relying on the Plebeian masses, was able to atomize the working class movement. Once in power, it was impossible to organize mass résistance to the Nazis, who will remain in power for 12 years until they were defeated, mostly by the Soviet army.


The capitalists do not like the Nazis, as there was a price to pay for saving the capitalist from a socialist revolution. However, they were ready to support them in order to crush a socialist revolution. Thus, fascism is coming from below, from the mobilized masses of the crazed petty bourgeoisie and the bands of the lumpen-proletariat organized by the Nazis.


Right Wing Populism and Fascism


The racist, nationalist government of Israel is a right wing populist government. It is not a fascist government. While it works hard to instill hatred into the Jewish population against the Arabs, mainly to manipulate its voting patterns, it is the Israeli army and police who are doing most of the oppression. They are acting according to the nature of Israel as a society of settler colonialists who subdue the native population – the Palestinians. White settler colonialists have done this in America against the natives and the black slaves, in Australia against the aboriginals, in New Zealand against the Maoris, in South Africa against the Africans.


While it is possible to smash the Israeli fascist gangs whenever they approach an Arab populated area, the Israeli state will continue to murder Arabs with the support of most Israelis. The only way out is through a socialist revolution that must sweep the entire region. However, in this region, where the bourgeois democratic revolution remains incomplete, it would most likely begin as popular revolution based on democratic demands (similar to the Arab Spring).


Today the ‘48 Palestinian leadership is calling for a professional committee of investigation into the murder of Yacoub Abu al-Qiyan.


What does this mean? Who will constitute such a committee that we can trust? History has shown that the role of investigation committees is to whitewash the actual crimes rather than expose them and punish the perpetrators. Think about the committee that investigated Sharon’s crimes in Sabra and Shatila. When Begin promised to conduct such an investigation, it was in order end the protest movement against the criminal war in Lebanon. Even in the case of the Or commission, which brought reasonable findings, it led to nothing.


The real answer is to organize popular committees in each Palestinian village and in each neighborhood. The elected leadership of each committee would then elect the Palestinian national leadership. The reason that the idea of popular committees is not popular today is because the Palestinians do not see the importance of such organization. There is a crisis of mistrust in the existing leadership and the popular committees seemed as another tool for the leadership. However, the idea that these committees will democratically form the leadership of the Palestinian people in its struggle against Zionist apartheid, might prove to be a powerful tool to organize and mobilize in the most democratic way the majority of the Palestinians.


Right now, we can of course demand to prosecute the police officer who was in charge and gave the order to shoot. At the same time we must explain that it is unlikely to happen because of the nature of the Israeli state. The value of such a demand is to help those who still have illusions in the possibility of Zionist justice to come to terms with reality. We can of course demand to prosecute the Israeli minister of internal security for the same reason and even Prime Minister Netanyahu, as long as we do not have any illusions in the outcome.




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cropped-cropped-dokument-1-seite0015.jpgStop Prosecution for Solidarity with Palestine and for Opposition against the Military Dictatorship in Egypt!

Statement of Solidarity

Protest against the Parliamentary Inquiry launched by the Right-Wing Opposition Party in Austria against the RCIT Section and the Egypt Migrant Community!

Stop Prosecution for Solidarity with Palestine and for Opposition against the Military Dictatorship in Egypt!

We, the undersigned, are aware that a group of deputies of the Freiheitliche Partei – an extreme right-wing racist party led by HC Strache – has initiated a parliamentary inquiry against the Austrian section of the RCIT as well as against the leading organization of the Egypt migrants in that country. Referring to slogans in solidarity for Palestine as well for the resistance of the Egypt people against the military dictatorship which were chanted by their contingent at an anti-racist demonstration in Vienna at 26 November 2016, the parliamentary deputies call the Federal Ministry of the Interior to officially investigate these two organizations with the view to take legal steps against them. Irrespective of our concrete perspectives about the future of the Palestinian as well as the Egyptian people’s struggle for liberation, we protest against this parliamentary inquiry and we also oppose any state investigation and prosecution against these organizations.


Please send this short letter by email to the Austrian Parliament ( as well as to the Austrian ministry of interior ( Please forward this email also to us:


List of Signatories


An article on the background of this right-wing attack can be read here:

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cropped-dokument-1-seite0015.jpgForward to the socialist revolution in Zimbabwe, the African continent and throughout the entire whole world!

Statement on the Fusion between RCIT and the Socialist League of Zimbabwe

Adopted by the International Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and the Socialist League of Zimbabwe (SLZ), 3 February 2017


After several months of discussion and collaboration, both Socialist League of Zimbabwe and the RCIT have drawn a positive balance sheet of this process. We therefore have concluded that the basis has been achieved to fuse our organizations and that SLZ is to become the Zimbabwean section of the RCIT. The programmatic basis of the fusion is the revolutionary platform on Zimbabwe as well as the RCIT’s Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation.

Organizing authentic revolutionary forces and building jointly the RCIT in Black Africa is a significant step forward given the importance of this continent for the international class struggle. Since Africa is the fastest growing continent in terms of population in general and the working class in particular, it is crucial for a revolutionary international tendency to build sections in these countries.

The fusion will help the RCIT to enrich its understanding of the class struggle of the African workers and oppressed against the imperialist Great Powers as well as the local ruling class. Likewise, it will help the comrades of the SLZ integrate their understanding of the class struggle in their own country into a broader, global perspective of the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

Building the RCIT in Zimbabwe and Africa as well as all on other continents is our contribution to building a new World Revolutionary Party. Based on our programmatic documents and the Bolshevik methods of political work and organization building, we are optimistic as we march forward on the road for the liberation of the African and the world working class and oppressed masses!

We are fully aware of the responsibility which rests on the shoulders of each of us as Marxist revolutionaries. Capitalism will not automatically be replaced by socialism. It can only be replaced by a working class insurrection in alliance with the poor peasants and the urban poor under the leadership of a revolutionary party. Such a party must be part of a world party because capitalism exists – and can only exist – as a global system. If we do not succeed in building a revolutionary party in time, petty-bourgeois nationalists and reformists will expropriate the revolution and create their own regime on the back of the popular masses. We saw this with Stalin in the USSR and Mao in China, with the FSLN in Nicaragua, the Ayatollahs in Iran, the ANC in South Africa, as well as in Zimbabwe after the workers and peasants heroically drove out Ian Smith and his racist white settler occupants.

We emphasize the importance of the “Urgent Call for Unity and a Joint Struggle on a Revolutionary Platform” which the RCIT published in early January of this year. In the present period of capitalist crisis, of accelerating rivalry between the imperialist powers, of a reactionary offensive of the ruling class but also of heroic struggles of the workers and oppressed, in such a period it is crucial for revolutionaries around the world to unite on the basis of a principled programmatic platform. Hence, we call authentic revolutionaries in all countries to study the RCIT’s “Urgent Call“ and to join forces with us in the historic liberation struggle of the working class and to build together with us a World Revolutionary Party – an international party determined to fight for the socialist revolution!

Forward to the socialist revolution in Zimbabwe, the African continent and throughout the entire whole world!

Join the RCIT! Forward with the building of the RCIT in Zimbabwe and revolutionary organizations all over Africa!


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Dear comrades, As you might have seen in our daily “News Today”, the Austrian section of the RCIT is under attack by the main right-wing opposition party which is launching a parliamentary inquiry against our section as well as an Egyptian migrant organization. As a consequence, they ask the Federal Ministry of the Interior to […]

via Call for Solidarity against Right-Wing Attack on Austrian Section of the RCIT — ☭Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (A/NZ)☭cropped-cropped-dokument-1-seite0015.jpg

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cropped-cropped-dokument-1-seite0015.jpgAustria: Right-Wing Party Opens Parliamentary Inquiry against the RCIT Section

Biggest Opposition Party smears the Trotskyists for alleged “Left-Wing Extremism”, “Antisemitism” and “Radical Islamism” and asks the Federal Ministry of the Interior to officially investigate them.


Report from the RKO BEFREIUNG (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 29.01.2017,




A group of parliamentary deputies of the Freiheitliche Party (FPÖ) around MP David Lasar has put forward an official inquiry in the Austrian parliament. (1) In this inquiry, the deputies of the FPÖ – an extreme right-wing party which got 20.5% at the last national election and is currently leading the polls – accuse the Austrian section of the RCIT as well as the leading organization of the Egypt migrants of “Left-Wing Extremism”, “Antisemitism” and “Radical Islamism”. (2) As a consequence, they ask the Federal Ministry of the Interior to officially investigate the two organizations.


The right-wing FPÖ justify its inquiry by referring to the anti-racist demonstration on 26 November 2016 and the role which the contingent of the Austrian section – together with our allied migrant organizations – played there. As we reported at that time, Muslim migrants which participated in our contingent – which was the largest at the demonstration and had many migrants from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran and other countries in its ranks – were physically attacked by hard-core pro-Zionist people from the Black Bloc (so-called “Anti-Germans”). (3)


As concrete evidence for their smear these right-wing deputies refer to our pro-Palestinian slogans at the demonstration (like “Freedom for Palestine” or “Israel and US are mocking human rights”), to Arabic slogans directed against the Egypt military dictatorship (concretely Lasar is referring to the slogans “Down with the military dictatorship” and “The people want to overthrow the regime”) as well as the use of the R4BIA symbol (in memory of the thousands who were killed demonstrating in Rabia square on the 14th August 2013).


The right-wing extremists of the FPÖ led by HC Strache are well known for their militant Islamophobic and anti-refugee hate campaign. They also call for an increase of monitoring and repression against revolutionary organizations as well as Muslim migrant forces. They have close relations to the Russian Putin regime and are also fanatical supporters of Israel.


David Lasar, the initiator of the parliamentary inquiry, is a prominent member of the party. He is the official contact person to the Israeli state and has built many links to extreme right-wing parties who are dominating the Israeli government. He is also a prominent member of the Zionist federation in Austria and tries to help his party in overcoming its historic image as an anti-Semitic party. It is symbolic for the reactionary character of the party as well as Lasar himself that in summer 2011 Lasar personally went to Libya during the popular uprising to meet – in a show of solidarity with the reactionary dictatorship – Gaddafi’s son.


With the victory of Trump it is clear that extreme reactionary forces like the FPÖ in Austria feel encouraged to push for an increase in state repression against revolutionary organizations as well as Muslim migrant forces. This parliamentary inquiry is only the latest and most significant attack which the Austrian section of the RCIT has experienced during the past few years. (4) We are not surprised by these attacks as we are raising our voice and are participating in many practical solidarity activities with various migrant organizations. It is a result of our unambiguous revolutionary opposition against imperialist wars and occupation as well as against racism and Islamophobie. These latest events will only strengthen our determination.


We call on all progressive forces to show their solidarity with us by protesting against the right wing parliamentary inquiry and to reject any legal measures by the Austrian state against the Austrian section of the RCIT as well as against the Egyptian migrant organization.






(1) Anfrage des Abgeordneten David Lasar und weiterer Abgeordneter an den Bundesminister für Inneres betreffend Juristisches Nachspiel für Teilnehmerinnen an der Demonstration ” Let them stay” auf der Mariahilferstraße, 11459/J vom 24.01.2017 (XXV.GP), Our first response has been the following press announcement: AVISO: Parlamentsanfrage von FPÖ-Lasar ist Verhöhnung der Opfer. FPÖ-Abgeordnete um David Lasar über die ägyptische Revolution, Israel und die Vorfälle auf der Demonstration für Asylrecht am 26. November 2016 (OTS), Presseaussendung von Michael Pröbsting (Sprecher der RKO BEFREIUNG) und Ibrahim Ali (Sprecher des Koordinationsrates der ägyptischen Gemeinde), 25.01.2017,


(2) The official name of the Egypt migrant organization is Coordination Council of the Egyptian Community.


(3) Austria: “Left-Wing” Zionists Attack Arab Migrants at Demonstration in Solidarity with Refugees! Report (with Pictures and Videos) from the anti-racist Demonstration on 26 November in Vienna by the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 27.11.2016,


(4) See e.g. RCIT: Stop Judicial Prosecution for Solidarity with Palestine! A Call to the Austrian State to Drop Its Charges against Michael Pröbsting!; RKOB: Austria: “Left-Wing” Zionists Attack Arab Migrants at Demonstration in Solidarity with Refugees! Report (with Pictures and Videos) from the anti-racist Demonstration on 26 November in Vienna by the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 27.11.2016,; RKOB: KPÖ schließt RKOB aus und macht den Weg frei für Frauenschläger der Anti-Nationalen Szene. Wiederholter körperlicher Angriff auf Genossin Gunić am Volksstimmefest, Bericht der Revolutionär-Kommunistischen Organisation BEFREIUNG zum Volksstimmefest 2016, 05.09.2016,; Report on May Day 2016 in Austria: Joint Resistance against Racist Attacks. Forceful, militant, internationalist demonstration despite racist attacks, Report (with Pictures and Videos) on the multinational, internationalist demonstration in Vienna marking May Day 2016 organized by the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION,; RCIT: Victory! The Charge against RKOB Spokesperson and Palestine Solidarity Activist Johannes Wiener has been dropped! 10.1.2013,


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