Austria: “Left-Wing” Zionists Attack Arab Migrants at Demonstration in Solidarity with Refugees!

Report (with Pictures and Videos) from the anti-racist Demonstration on 26 November in Vienna by the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 27.11.2016,




About two thousand people demonstrated on 26 November in Vienna in solidarity with refugees and against racism. This was an important signal against the racist offensive both by the Austrian government as well as by the right-wing opposition one week before the presidential election where the right-wing candidate Norbert Hofer has a good chance to win.


The Austrian section of the RCIT joined the demonstration with a very lively and militant contingent of about 100 activists – the biggest of any political organization at the demonstration. (See the pictures and videos below.) In addition to the activists of our youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, many activists from the Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Ahwazi Arab, Moroccan, Palestinian and other communities – with whom we have organized numerous activities in past years – participated in our contingent.


We shouted many slogans against the racist rabble-rousing, for the opening of the borders, and for solidarity with the Arab Revolution as well as with the Palestinian liberation struggle. Like in past demonstrations against racism, our contingent varied significantly from other left-wing groups not only because of its size and its militant spirit. In contrast to all reformist and centrist groups, the RCIT in Austria stands in active solidarity with the liberation struggle in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Palestine and other countries against the dictatorships and against imperialism. Furthermore, one could see yet once again that we are not merely white anti-racists who are only in favor of the rights for migrants and refugees; but that we actively fight together with migrants and refugees, and that we are building a multinational revolutionary organization. At the end of the demonstration Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, addressed the participants of our contingent and explained the necessity to continue the struggle for liberation.


The militant multi-national character of our contingent and our solidarity with the Arab Revolution as well as with the Palestinian liberation struggle aroused again profound hatred from a sector of demonstrators – the so-called “anti-national Black Block” people. These people – nearly all of them White Austrian middle-class people – combine some silly ultra-left phrases (their front banner read “Communism instead of Austria”) with fanatical support for the Zionist state of Israel and strong hatred against Muslim people. As a result, these dumb thugs slander all Muslim people as “Islamo-Fascists” and denounce our Anti-Zionist stance as “Anti-Semitic”. These Zionists have close connections, among others, to the youth organization of the Communist Party and most reformist and centrist organization refuse to distance themselves clearly from this scum. As we have reported in past articles these people hold pro-Israel rallies during the Gaza Wars in the past years. (See e.g.


While these people did not dare to attack our contingent, they attacked a small group of Arab brothers when they briefly left our contingent. One of these brothers was violently thrown to the floor. This attack provoked the intervention of the police which – in the final part of the demonstration – created a cordon in front of our contingent so that as a result we became effectively isolated from the rest of the demonstration. This Zionist attack against our Arab brothers caused a lot of attention. The national state TV reported about the incident and about the Zionist slander against the Austrian section of the RCIT. (See A video with scenes shortly after the Zionist attack, published by a rather pro-Zionist source, can be viewed on YouTube here:


This attack was not the first incident as these people already attacked (unsuccessfully) our May Day demonstration this year (see At the annual fete of the Communist Party on 3 September, Almedina Gunić – leader of the Austrian section of the RCIT – was physically attacked by these “anti-national” Zionists. (See All these incidents demonstrate once more the thoroughly reactionary, racist and pro-imperialist character of the so-called “Anti-Nationals”. It is a scandal that Arab brothers and sisters who have been forced to flee from dictatorship and war and who face racist discrimination in Europe – that they have to face again racist attacks on a demonstration is supposed to demonstrate against racism!


While we believe that the organizers of the demonstration – a coalition of NGO’s, Stalinists and the centrist Cliffite group (“Linkswende”) – do not support such violent attacks (at least we hope that they will distance themselves in a public statement), they certainly have to share political responsibility for this incident. Several of these organizations have expelled the Austrian section of the RCIT from united fronts – and sometimes even tried to expel us from demonstrations – with the argument that our solidarity with Palestine equals “Anti-Semitism”. The Communist Party expelled the us from its annual fete this year because of our anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist positions. (See We will continue to appeal to these organizations to refute this reactionary attitude.


However, irrespective of the attitude of the reformists and centrists or the attacks of the dumb Zionists, the Austrian section of the RCIT will continue its revolutionary work and its collaboration with migrant brothers and sisters.




See numerous photos and video clips at the following link:


Pictures: (Scroll down to view the pictures)


Videos: The daily paper “Kronen Zeitung, one of the biggest Austrian dailies, published a video about the demonstration. The contingent of the Austrian section of the RCIT can be viewed from minute 2.00 to 2.30 (





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