Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation: Chapter I. Decaying Capitalism




The present historic period which opened in 2008 is characterized by a dramatic decay of the productive forces of capitalism. As the RCIT has elaborated in numerous documents, this decay manifests itself in the dramatic depth of the Great Recession of 2008/09, the lack of any dynamic of growth since then, and the approach of the next recession.


However, the decay of the productive forces is most dramatically reflected by the deteriorating living conditions of the global working class, peasantry and urban poor – those who constitute the vast majority of humanity. Officially more than 200 million people are unemployed, but the real figure is much higher. According to the United Nations, 100,000 people throughout the world die of hunger every day, and approximately 852 million suffer from chronic hunger. This scandalous situation exists in spite of the fact that the world produces more than 1½ times enough food to feed everyone on the planet. However, in a world in which 2.2 billion people live on less than US $2 a day (in 2011), many cannot afford to buy sufficient amounts of food.


At the same time, inequality has increased dramatically. According to the latest OXFAM study, in 2015, the 62 richest individuals in the world held the same amount of wealth as the 3.6 billion people who constitute the economic bottom half of humanity. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Never before has inequality between the classes and between nations been so great on a global level. According to figures from Credit Suisse – a source which no one could accuse of anti-capitalist ideology – an insignificant minority (0.7% of the world population), representing largely the global capitalist class, owns 41% of the world’s wealth. The global middle class (7.7% of the world population) owes together about the same amount (42.3% of the world’s wealth). The next 22.9% of the world’s population, probably representing a significant share of the working class of the imperialist countries and the middle class of the semi-colonial world, own 13.7%, and the huge majority of the world’s population (68.7%) – representing mostly the working class and the poor peasants of the South – own the little which remains, only 3% of the world’s wealth.


As Marx pointed out, capitalism in decay increasingly transforms productive forces into forces of destruction. An example of this is the dramatic change in climate and its consequences for many countries and their populations. Scientist estimate that continuing today’s patterns of carbon-intensive energy use, with the resulting changes in climate that this will induce, will cause 6 million deaths per year by 2030. They also warn that “unless strong preventative action is taken, between now and 2050 climate change will push the number of displaced people globally to at least 1 billion.


Another example of the horrific transformation of productive forces into destructive ones is the massive increase in military spending. The Great Powers – led by the US and followed by China, Russia, France, UK, and Germany – annually spend more than US$1.2 trillion for weapons and related systems.


The increasing number of wars and military occupations has led to a dramatic rise in the number of victims of war and displaced persons. In Syria alone, at least 470,000 people have been killed as the result of the Assad regime’s determination to hold on to power and privilege. According to the UNHCR, the global number of displaced people rose from 42.5 million (2011) to 63.5 million (2015), an astounding increase of 50% in just four years!


What are the reasons for the historic crisis of capitalism? Significantly, they cannot be found in the bad decisions of politicians or the greed of the capitalists – even though both of these certainly exist and are widespread. The fundamental cause of economic depression and the increasing number of wars, catastrophes and misery lies in the inner mechanism of the capitalist system itself. An ever-expanding accumulation of capital finds fewer and fewer opportunities for profitable investment – reflecting the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall (which Marx considered as the most important law in political economy). This results in the accelerated antagonism between the social nature of the forces of production and the private nature of means of production (i.e., capitalist property), as well as the exacerbated contradiction between the global nature of the productive forces and the nation state.


Consequently, contrary to the mistaken beliefs of reformists, populists and centrists, the misery of humanity caused by crisis-ridden capitalism cannot be overcome by reforms (Keynesian economic policy, “left-wing government”, etc.), but only by the smashing of the global capitalist system itself, by means of an international revolution of the working class and the oppressed, which will overthrow the ruling classes and establish a world federation of republics of the workers and oppressed.


About RCIT Britain

What the RCIT stands for Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)is a revolutionary combat organisation fighting for the liberation of the working class and all oppressed. It has national sections in a number of countries. The working class is composed of all those (and their families) who are forced to sell their labor power as wage earners to the capitalists. The RCIT stands on the theory and practice of the revolutionary workers’ movement associated with the names of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky. Capitalism endangers our lives and the future of humanity. Unemployment, war, environmental disasters, hunger, and exploitation are all part of everyday life under capitalism as are the imperialistic oppression of nations, the national oppression of migrants, and the oppression of women, young people, and homosexuals. Therefore, we want to eliminate capitalism. The liberation of the working class and all oppressed is possible only in a classless society without exploitation and oppression. Such a society can only be established internationally. Therefore, the RCIT is fighting for a socialist revolution at home and around the world. This revolution must be carried out and lead by the working class, for only this class has the collective power to bring down the ruling class and build a socialist society. The revolution cannot proceed peacefully because a ruling class never has nor ever will voluntarily surrender its power. By necessity, therefore, the road to liberation includes armed rebellion and civil war against the capitalists. The RCIT is fighting for the establishment of workers’ and peasants’ republics, where the oppressed organize themselves in councils democratically elected in rank-and-file meetings in factories, neighbourhoods, and schools. These councils, in turn, elect and control the government and all other statue authorities, and always retain the right to recall them. Authentic socialism and communism have nothing to do with the so-called “socialism” that ruled in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and which continues to do so in China and Cuba, for example. In these countries, the proletariat was and is dominated and oppressed by a privileged party bureaucracy. Under capitalism, the RCIT supports all efforts to improve the living conditions of the workers and oppressed, while simultaneously striving to overthrow this system based on economic exploitation of the masses. Towards these ends, we work from within the trade unions where we advocate class struggle, socialism, and workers’ democracy. But trade unions and social democracy are controlled by a bureaucracy perniciously connected with the state and capital via status, high-paying jobs, and other privileges. Thus, the trade union bureaucracy is far from the interests and living conditions of its members, based as it is on the top, privileged layers of the working class – a labor aristocracy which has no real interest in replacing capitalism. Therefore, the true struggle for the liberation of the working class, the toppling of capitalism and the establishment of socialism, must be based on the broad mass of the proletariat rather than their “representative” from the upper trade union strata. We also fight for the expropriation of the big land owners as well as for the nationalisation of the land and its distribution to the poor and landless peasants. Towards this goal we struggle for the independent organisation of the rural workers. We support national liberation movements against oppression. We also support the anti-imperialist struggles of oppressed peoples against the great powers. Within these movements we advocate a revolutionary leadership as an alternative to nationalist or reformist forces. While the RCIT strives for unity of action with other organizations, we are acutely aware that the policies of social democrats and pseudo-revolutionary groups are dangerous, and ultimately represent an obstacle to the emancipation of the working class, peasants, and the otherwise oppressed. In wars between imperialist states we take a revolutionary defeatist position: we do not support either side, but rather advocate the transformation of the war into a civil war against the ruling class in each of the warring states. In wars between imperialist powers (or their stooges) and a semi-colonial countries we stand for the defeat of the former and the victory of the oppressed countries. As communists, we maintain that the struggle against national oppression and all types of social oppression (women, youth, sexual minorities etc.) must be lead by the working class, because only the latter is capable of fomenting a revolutionarily change in society . Therefore, we consistently support working class-based revolutionary movements of the socially oppressed, while opposing the leadership of petty-bourgeois forces (feminism, nationalism, Islamism, etc.), who ultimately dance to the tune of the capitalists, and strive to replace them with revolutionary communist leadership. Only with a revolutionary party fighting as its leadership can the working class be victorious in its struggle for liberation. The establishment of such a party and the execution of a successful revolution, as it was demonstrated by the Bolsheviks in Russia under Lenin and Trotsky remain the models for revolutionary parties and revolutions in the 21st century. For new, revolutionary workers' parties in all countries! For a 5th Workers International to be founded on a revolutionary program! Join the RCIT! No future without socialism! No socialism without revolution! No revolution without a revolutionary party!
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