Resignation from Socialist Fight (Britain) and Joining the RCIT

A Statement by Laurence Humphries (27.02.2015)

Note by the Editorial Board:

The following statement of comrade Laurence Humphries has been sent to Socialist Fight, a small centrist group in Britain.

* * * * *


I formally resign from the Socialist Fight Group and the LCFI. I have returned by Post all financial documentation (Cheque Books, Paying Books statements etc.) to comrade Gerry Downing at his London address. I have joined the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and therefore I will not be attending the Socialist Fight Central Committee Meeting to be held on Saturday March 7th in London. I will be part of the RCIT delegation attending the open sessions of the 2nd Socialist Fight Conference on April 11th and 12th.

My reasons for resignation are as follows.

  1. Characterisation of Russia and China as Semi Colonial Countries: Socialist Fight is wrong to call for an Anti-United Imperialist Front which is nothing more than a Social Imperialist position (supporting one Imperialist Bloc Russia and China). The RCIT has used comprehensive empirical evidence and the Marxist method to show that Russia and China are new rival powers of imperialism. The RCIT advocates revolutionary dual defeatism. Which means that they refuse to support any of the imperialist Powers in the Conflict. (Russia, China, USA, EU Countries and Japan). [1]
  2. Greece and SRIZA: The LCFI’s statement on Greece was a sectarian statement by refusing to give critical support to Syriza instead advocating voting for OKDE and EEK small Pseudo-Trotskyist organizations. The RCIT correctly applied the United Front tactic in giving Syriza a critical vote in the coming Elections. The RCIT again called for the development of a left wing formation inside Syriza with the possibility of an entry tactic in Syriza together with the following slogans:
  3. a) Cancel all Debts
  4. b) Nationalise Key Corporations without paying compensation
  5. c) Leave the Euro Zone
  6. d) Increase the Minimum wage
  7. e) Equality for all Migrants (Full Citizen rights –right to have their native Language)
  8. f) For a Workers Government based on workers Councils which will organise the workers and Popular Masses and establish an armed Workers militia. [2]
  9. Ukraine: The LCFI Statement on the Minsk ceasefire is very confusing and wrong. The RCIT has shown that the Donbass and Donetsk republics were heavily infiltrated by Russian agents deployed by Putin. “From early April onwards a wave of Russian politicians and fighters joined the uprising and – irrespective of their inner conflicts – increasingly centralized and took over the uprising.”. [3] You assert: “We do not call for the overthrow of the Donbass leadership in the circumstances of this civil war until they have exposed themselves as anti-working class AND collaborators with imperialism and the class has grown in strength and class consciousness to overthrow them with a revolutionary socialist leadership that can appeal to the working class in western Ukraine, in Russia and the whole region and the world to rally to their cause and the cause of international socialism.” [4]. This is adaption to Russian chauvinism. The social imperialist line which the LCFI advocates is support for Russian imperialism whereas the RCIT advocates the dual defeatist position for the defeat of all imperialist forces whether they are east or west. Concrete demands are “The central task was to build councils of action based on regular mass assemblies in places of work and Neighbourhoods, equally such democratic mass organisations should control the workers and popular Militias”.[5].
  10. Brazil: In Socialist Fight no 18 there was a statement by Liga Communista, the LCFI section in Brazil, which advocated ‘a United Popular Front’ and not an Anti-Imperialist United Front. The RCIT section in Brazil (Corrente Communista Revolucionara) advocated a United Front and called “the rank and file workers of the PT and CUT [to] force their leaderships to break all associations with the PMDB and the other bourgeois allies and mobilize for the expropriation of big business, the media, and the banks, and their placement under workers’ control”. [6]. “The united front is in clear opposition to the rotten method of popular frontism as practiced by various leftist organizations, either covertly like the PSOL or overly like the LC.”. [7]. who campaigned for a vote for Roussef, the PT candidate in the Presidential Elections. The CCR took a defeatist position and campaigned for a no vote or null vote in the Presidential Elections.
  11. Socialist Fight in Britain remains a centrist group on the periphery of the working class which adapts to the labour aristocracy, the upper stratum mostly organised in Trade Unions in Britain, and this usually involves supporting rank and file candidates against the bureaucratic apparatus. It has very little contact with the middle or lower stratum of workers many who are not organised in trade unions and are either migrants or from layers of workers from the global south. The RCIT has demonstrated in practice through its sections in Pakistan and Sri Lanka that it can attract workers, poor farmers and peasants from the south which now comprises the biggest proletarian base in the world.

For all these reasons I join the RCIT and will commit my resources to build a section in Britain. I call other comrades in Socialist Fight to join me in this task.


(1) See on this RCIT: On the 100th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War I: The Struggle against Imperialism and War. The Marxist Understanding of Modern Imperialism and the Revolutionary Program in Light of the Increasing Rivalry between the Great Powers, Revolutionary Uprisings, and Counterrevolutionary Setbacks, 25.6.2014, in: Revolutionary Communism No 24, as well as RCIT: Russia as a Great Imperialist Power. The formation of Russian Monopoly Capital and its Empire – A Reply to our Critics, 18 March 2014, in: Revolutionary Communism No 21,

(2) RCIT: Elections in Greece: Vote SYRIZA but Don’t Trust the Tsipras Leadership! 22.1.2015, in: Revolutionary Communism No 31,

(3) RCIT: The Uprising in East Ukraine and Russian Imperialism, 22.10.2014, in: Revolutionary Communism No 28,

(4) Socialist Fight: The Minsk Agreement and the fall of Debaltseve, 22.2.2015, in: Socialist Fight No. 19,

(5) RCIT: The Uprising in East Ukraine and Russian Imperialism

(6) Corrente Comunista Revolucionária (RCIT Brazil): Brazil: Right-Wing Opposition threatens with a Coup d’État, 18.11.2014, in: Revolutionary Communism No 31,

(7) ibid

About RCIT Britain

What the RCIT stands for Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)is a revolutionary combat organisation fighting for the liberation of the working class and all oppressed. It has national sections in a number of countries. The working class is composed of all those (and their families) who are forced to sell their labor power as wage earners to the capitalists. The RCIT stands on the theory and practice of the revolutionary workers’ movement associated with the names of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky. Capitalism endangers our lives and the future of humanity. Unemployment, war, environmental disasters, hunger, and exploitation are all part of everyday life under capitalism as are the imperialistic oppression of nations, the national oppression of migrants, and the oppression of women, young people, and homosexuals. Therefore, we want to eliminate capitalism. The liberation of the working class and all oppressed is possible only in a classless society without exploitation and oppression. Such a society can only be established internationally. Therefore, the RCIT is fighting for a socialist revolution at home and around the world. This revolution must be carried out and lead by the working class, for only this class has the collective power to bring down the ruling class and build a socialist society. The revolution cannot proceed peacefully because a ruling class never has nor ever will voluntarily surrender its power. By necessity, therefore, the road to liberation includes armed rebellion and civil war against the capitalists. The RCIT is fighting for the establishment of workers’ and peasants’ republics, where the oppressed organize themselves in councils democratically elected in rank-and-file meetings in factories, neighbourhoods, and schools. These councils, in turn, elect and control the government and all other statue authorities, and always retain the right to recall them. Authentic socialism and communism have nothing to do with the so-called “socialism” that ruled in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and which continues to do so in China and Cuba, for example. In these countries, the proletariat was and is dominated and oppressed by a privileged party bureaucracy. Under capitalism, the RCIT supports all efforts to improve the living conditions of the workers and oppressed, while simultaneously striving to overthrow this system based on economic exploitation of the masses. Towards these ends, we work from within the trade unions where we advocate class struggle, socialism, and workers’ democracy. But trade unions and social democracy are controlled by a bureaucracy perniciously connected with the state and capital via status, high-paying jobs, and other privileges. Thus, the trade union bureaucracy is far from the interests and living conditions of its members, based as it is on the top, privileged layers of the working class – a labor aristocracy which has no real interest in replacing capitalism. Therefore, the true struggle for the liberation of the working class, the toppling of capitalism and the establishment of socialism, must be based on the broad mass of the proletariat rather than their “representative” from the upper trade union strata. We also fight for the expropriation of the big land owners as well as for the nationalisation of the land and its distribution to the poor and landless peasants. Towards this goal we struggle for the independent organisation of the rural workers. We support national liberation movements against oppression. We also support the anti-imperialist struggles of oppressed peoples against the great powers. Within these movements we advocate a revolutionary leadership as an alternative to nationalist or reformist forces. While the RCIT strives for unity of action with other organizations, we are acutely aware that the policies of social democrats and pseudo-revolutionary groups are dangerous, and ultimately represent an obstacle to the emancipation of the working class, peasants, and the otherwise oppressed. In wars between imperialist states we take a revolutionary defeatist position: we do not support either side, but rather advocate the transformation of the war into a civil war against the ruling class in each of the warring states. In wars between imperialist powers (or their stooges) and a semi-colonial countries we stand for the defeat of the former and the victory of the oppressed countries. As communists, we maintain that the struggle against national oppression and all types of social oppression (women, youth, sexual minorities etc.) must be lead by the working class, because only the latter is capable of fomenting a revolutionarily change in society . Therefore, we consistently support working class-based revolutionary movements of the socially oppressed, while opposing the leadership of petty-bourgeois forces (feminism, nationalism, Islamism, etc.), who ultimately dance to the tune of the capitalists, and strive to replace them with revolutionary communist leadership. Only with a revolutionary party fighting as its leadership can the working class be victorious in its struggle for liberation. The establishment of such a party and the execution of a successful revolution, as it was demonstrated by the Bolsheviks in Russia under Lenin and Trotsky remain the models for revolutionary parties and revolutions in the 21st century. For new, revolutionary workers' parties in all countries! For a 5th Workers International to be founded on a revolutionary program! Join the RCIT! No future without socialism! No socialism without revolution! No revolution without a revolutionary party!
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